Perfect Pricee™ Alphabet U Wax Seal Stamp | Wax Seal Kit | 25pcs – Mix | Vintage Elegant Botanical Leaves Wax Sealing Stamp with Wax Stamp Spoon for Wax Sealing

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  • Wax Seal Stamp kit: wax seal kit comes with a wax seal stamp,a stainless steel wax melting spoon. The wax seal kit comes with everything you need to make perfect wax seals.
  • Reliable material: the wax beads are made of resin and wax, smokeless, odorless, non-toxic, melt easily and dry quickly, provide nice sealing effect.Wax seal spoon is made of stainless steel, sturdy and durable.wax seal stamp is made of all metal body with wooden handle.
  • Use for different purpose like different kind of color of envelops, invitation, or make the combination colors as your like.

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Sealing Wax Beads,Wax Seal Kit with Best wishes wax seal stamp and Wax Stamp Spoon for Wax Sealing, Envelope Stamp, Crafts. How to Use: Step 1: Put 2 or 3 wax seal beads into the spoon Step 2: Light up the candle and put the spoon above the fire flame to melt the wax beads Step 3: Pour the melted wax into the place where you want to seal Step 4: Press your seal wax stamp on the liquid wax and hold for 2 or 3 seconds Step 5: Lift up the seal wax stamp, and it is done. Note: Due to manual measurement, please allow tiny errors. Metal wax sealing spoon may turn into black in the flame, you can wipe it with water or wash it clean.”Font May Vary.Wax Seal Kit(2×25) Wax Wax Seal Stamp, Vintage Elegant Botanical Leaves Initial Alphabet Sealing Stamp.Product Specifications: Material: Wooden handle & brass Head, removable Seal Head Diameter: 25mm/0.98” Total Lenght of The Stamp: 90mm/3.54” The wax seal stamp can be used for Waxs, envelopes, documents, scrapbooks, glass bottles, plastic, wood, cloth, etc. This vintage & elegant seal adds a charming touch to your wedding or anniversary invitations.It is not only suitable for Christmas/Halloween/Thanksgiving and other holiday greeting cards, but also perfect for embellishing gift packing and bottle decorations. It can be used as a special gift for your family, friends, children, colleagues and more. It can protect the private information. How To Creat A Stamp With Sealing Wax Beads 1. Taking 2 or 3 wax beads into melting spoon ; 2. Heating the melting spoon with the tea candle; 3. Pour the melted wax onto the item to be sealed; 4. Stamp your seal on the melting wax, and take the stamp seal off after the wax comes cool completely.

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